We are proud to announce a Free remote DNS support is now added into all our active Monthly Packages.

The Free remote DNS support with a Platinum package includes additional monitoring of maximum 3 DNS servers of yours. We will configure, update software on the servers per needs. A list of supported OS is limited to Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS; software is limited to Named/Bind, PowerDNS, AtomiaDNS with or without MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL backends. DNS servers should not run any public SMTP, POP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, other services.

The Free remote DNS support with a Startup package is limited to CloudFlare only. We don't support other DNS services.

The Free remote DNS support with other packages is limited to Web-GUI only. It means we can add/update/delete domains using HTTP/HTTPS protocols and don't either update software or monitor the DNS-servers.

Please find our Monthly Packages here: https://go.poralix.com/p1

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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