Flat-Rate Managed Services for Linux and Unix Servers

Paying a fixed price for a task ensures you won’t have to worry about going over budget or controlling time usage. Discounts are available for our services, when ordered multiple servers at once. Non-refundable.

DirectAdmin Control Panel Installation

Original settings and configs provided by Directadmin.

1 copy of DirectAdmin will be installed on one Linux server.

No price for DirectAdmin is included.

You should provide a valid and active DirectAdmin License.

Only supported by Directadmin versions of software

No templates modification included

Price per server

Linux Software and Kernel Upgrade

Upgrades to pre-installed software from OS repositories.

Upgrades to software installed from sources or by a control panel.

Linux OS kernel update to its latest stable release.

Solving of configs conflicts if any occurs.

Valid for CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, Ubuntu.

Without change of OS release version.

Price per server

Linux OS Version Upgrade

One release upgrade for example 7 to 8 or 8 to 9.

A release can be added for $25 USD, example 7 to 9 (will include 8 as well).

Upgrades to pre-installed software and kernel from OS repositories.

Upgrades to software installed from sources or by a control panel (for example DirectAdmin)

Supported CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD

Price per server

DirectAdmin Server Hardening

Upgrades to kernel and pre-installed 3rd-party software.

Antispam protection. Preventing incoming and outgoing SPAM.

Anti-Malware, anti DoS/DDoS protection. Protecting against exploits. Anti-BruteForce solutions.

SSH service hardening. Firewall installation and configuration.

No change of OS release version is included.

Price per server with DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin Server Optimization


Installation of monitoring software (munin, zabbix, monit, other).

Web, DataBase server performance benchmarking and analysis.

NGINX, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP optimization.

Firewall tweaking.

Filesystem/Kernel level tuning.


Only CentOS/CloudLinux/AlmaLinux, Debian/Ubuntu with DirectAdmin

Price per server

Server Abuse Handling

Use cases

Searching and removal of malware, backdoors and php-shells.

Searching and elimination of sources of spam, spam-sending scripts.

Elimination of incoming and outgoing DDOS and Brute-Force attacks.

Investigating hacking attempts and other kinds of malicious activities.


Removal of malware from max 2 sites included (php, html only).

A full list of found malware will be provided (automated scan tools only)

Disaster Recovery

Recovering or restoring MySQL server and tables after a crash.

Resolving of issues with disk partitions and server boot process via virtual console or IP-KVM.

Restoring system data, user accounts from backup copies, from failed HDDs.

Solving other kinds of Linux operating system failures.

Only CentOS/CloudLinux, Debian/Ubuntu

Price per server

DirectAdmin Server Migration

VPS ↔ VPS, dedic ↔ dedic, VPS ↔ dedic servers migrations.

Includes basic server configuring, control panel installation and tweaking.

Websites, Mail, Database migrations / Database Conversions.

Preparatory works. Zero down-time migrations. DNS records updates included.

Only servers with DirectAdmin

Price per server (starting at)